TPMS Survey in Brazil

In February 2017, a four week long field study was performed in order to collect information concerning the tire pressure status in Brazil.

The study covered four gas stations, one each in Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Sao Jose dos Campos and Botelhos. Measurements and interviews were done and the tire pressure, side wall and ambient temperatures were measured. The drivers were interviewed randomly in order of arrival at the gas station and got questioned about the tire maintenance and experience with their vehicles. Most of them agreed on answering the questions and allowed to do measurements on their car.

Out of the 463 participating vehicles, only 2% were equipped with TPMS system, one with iTPMS and nine with dTPMS.

The most interesting outcome was that as many as 38% of the drivers had experienced at least one puncture within the last 12 months. This is by far more than in other regions like for example the EU and underlines the usefulness of TPMS in Brazil. Another result was that  more than 50% of the drivers didn’t even know where to find the  tire pressure recommendation. This appears shockingly high, but you need to keep in mind that checking the tire pressure in Brazil is something which is usually offered by filling stations together with filling up fuel.

And the filling station staff apparently know better what they are doing, as the average inflation pressure was only 1% below the recommendation which is only slightly lower than the corresponding preliminary figure for the EU.

What about an alarm system that alerts you in case of puncture / low tire pressure?




Not interesting



The brazilians showed high interest on TPMS: 92% think it is a nice feature.